Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 16, 2009 Assignment

What has been your most successful lesson where you have integrated technology so far? What made it successful? How would you modify it for the next time you use it?
What are some other ways you are planning on integrating technology this year?


  1. Today I did an interactive match game with fractions and percents. Students came into the classroom in the morning and this was the assignment each student had to do after they put everything away. The students all wanted to try it and they all were able to do it. This also made the students put thier materials away and get ready much faster. It was great reveiw and practice for the students. In this interactive game, it lets the students know if they did it write or wrong when they press finish. I wouldn't change a thing on this lesson. I am going to continue to do it every morning with different subjects. I only just wish we had another smartboard because it did take quite along time for everyone to get a chance at it. Kevin Lowry

  2. My most successful lesson with technology dealt with Kidspiration. I created a KWL file about dinosaurs using the program. Then I brought my second graders into the lab and we worked on adding and making links to the concept circles that were there. Students could write things they knew about and what they wanted to learn. Then they could connect their ideas to other ideas. Once the unit was done we went back into the lab to add to our file of what we have learned. The students were very excited to be able to type on the computer about what they knew. I think it was successful because the format was set up and easy for the students to come in and work with. For next year I would make sure that the components that I created were locked so they did not move around on the students when they were making connections. It would also be nice to go into the lab and check in with that more than just at the end of the unit. I have incorporated Discovery streaming into the room. Students like to see real life clips about what we are talking about. My class is registered for Thinkquest also but we have not done a lot with that yet..I am hoping to work on that soon.

  3. My best lesson that integrated technology this year was one that utilized the SMARTboard as a way of scaffolding what the students would do independently in the computer lab. To preface the lesson the students have been studying dinosaurs to help them meet their science targets. As a way of assessing their understanding of the target the students are carrying out independent research projects on a dinosaur or an endangered animal. To aid them in their research, I provided the students with a plan sheet that I was able to model finding the research via a copy of an internet page using the camera option, the print capture option (for the importation of the research plan sheet), and the dual screen mode on Notebook 10 (to highlight and make the transfer of paraphrased research onto the plan sheet). After the students saw how they would need to fill out the plan sheet I showed them the steps for using the internet for research so they would have a clear understand of what was expected of them in the computer lab. After I was done modeling, the students had the opportunity to use the computers themselves to conduct their research. To conclude, after the students are done drafting their research they will go to the computer lab to type their final copy.

    In the future I would like to use the computer lab project to model the lesson because I think some of the students weren’t able to make the transfer from the classroom to the computer lab setting. I just wouldn’t have the SMARTboard component.

    This year I want to continue to work on getting down to the computer lab so that my students have a good understanding of the conventions of typing as they move on to third grade. I also want to continue to work on making my SMARTboard lessons more interactive so my students have the opportunity to use it on a daily basis.

  4. I used the SMART Board at our NP Family Reading Night. I was asked to share my favorite story with families. I used the SMART board during my time. I found an interactive story from the Clifford Series. The success was the amount of participation the students and family experienced. I could have read a book, but instead everyone was involved in some capacity.
    I would modify my planning time. I took me a long time to find the age appropriate story, and finding approparite sights. It takes more planning than I had anticiapted.
    For the rest of this school year, I plan on using interactive Board Maker. There are great visual templates which would benefit my students.

  5. My best lesson so far this year that integrated technology was a wolf research project that all of my students participated in. After seeing a presentation on wolves from a presenter from the Wargo Nature Center, students typed up facts that they had learned on the lab tops. This fact sheet was to be one of their resources to use in researching.
    I created and projected a table organizing the students into groups with a specific wolf topic, which they helped me make. I modeled the note-taking process for my students a few times by projecting a graphic organizer taking notes all-together. I also modeled how to conduct research on-line in the class-room using Kids Yahoo, Zoobooks, and Ranger Rick websites. Then all students conducted research in the library and in the computer lab on their specific topic.
    I created another table to compile all student notes in each specific topic area. Using the organized notes, the class wrote a Wolf report together. When the reports were finished, all students created their own cover sheets for the report using lab tops in our room. This included typing, centering, underlining, inserting pictures and boarders, and changing ink colors, which they had been practicing all year using lab-tops in the room.
    The lesson was successful because students were excited about what they were doing and because through the use of technology, the process of researching was cleary taught. I would change a mistake that I made when I was printing students' cover sheets- I forgot to change the print setting to landscape and didn't have them save!! So, all cover sheets were the wrong way on their reports!
    I want to continue to learn how to do more things with my smart-board and how to have students be more interactive with it.